howl howl verb 1. [V] (of a dog, wolf , etc. 狗、狼等) to make a long, loud cry • 长嚎;嗥叫 2. [V] howl (in / with sth) to make a loud cry when you are in pain, angry, amused, etc. • (因疼痛、愤怒、开心等)大声叫喊:
»to howl in pain
»We howled with laughter.
»The baby was howling (= crying loudly) all the time I was there.
3. [V] (of the wind 风) to blow hard and make a long loud noise • 怒号;呼啸:
»The wind was howling around the house.
4. to say sth loudly and angrily • 怒吼: ▪ [VN]
»The crowd howled its displeasure.
▪ [also V speech] 【PHR V】 ˌhowl sb∽ˈdown • to prevent a speaker from being heard by shouting angrily • 以怒吼声压倒讲演者的声音 【SYN】 shout sb down noun 1. a long loud cry made by a dog, wolf , etc. • (狗、狼等的)嗥叫,长嚎 2. a loud cry showing that you are in pain, angry, amused, etc. • (因疼痛、愤怒、高兴等发出的)喊叫声:
»to let out a howl of anguish
»The suggestion was greeted with howls of laughter.
3. a long loud sound made when the wind is blowing strongly • (狂风的)啸鸣,怒号:
»They listened to the howl of the wind through the trees.
* * *
v. 嚎叫, 怒吼, 嚎咷大哭, 喝住, 號叫
n. 嚎叫, 怒號, 嚎哭

English-Chinese dictionary. 2013.

(as of a dog), / (as a dog), / , / (said of wind)

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